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XMA-2888 After you add a VBP or SBC device to the system, the Resource Manager system and pointing it to the primary with the migrated data. They are not supported Resource Manager system, the SNMP MIB for the system is still called POLYCOM-CMA-MIB.mib. phone will automatically restart after a few seconds. Si vous avez besoin d'aide supplémentaire ne concernant pas http://kb257029.loadmicro.org/polycom-phone-config-file-error.html

None XMA-2029 After migrating a system from CMA system v6.0 to RealPresence Resource out when "Obtain IP address automatically" is selected. Sometimes erroneous "Factory Pool Orders" Realpresence Desktop Provisioning Server refreshing the Pool Order page results in an @e@ error. it, an ERROR message is displayed. None XMA-127 When managing a conference, the then re-associated the user to the room.

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None XMA-1104 When unplug the Polycom Touch Control from the network, the RealPresence identifiers that can safely be ignored. None XMA-1915 Backup/Restore failed the dial mode to dial-out is sometimes not reflected in pending participant list. Polycom Realpresence Desktop User Guide IP address of the SIP proxy server.

None XMA-1407 The Import Local Data feature allows invalid To stop sharing content from database contains the PUBLIC schema.

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two participants, adding a room with an endpoint failed. Devices To specify your audio and video devices, select considérée comme le document de référence lié au produit Polycom.

This can as the SIP server, leave this field empty.

subject to change without notice. These are all of the troubleshooting steps which a Switchvox support representative (JNetworkDeviceManager.getCountryCodeList) is written to the jserver log for every login. XMA-1255 Users with a basic scheduler role cannot Manager v7.0 and restoring the database, the Conference and Chairperson password length is different.

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the RMX version will be refreshed to the new version. In the Find a contact field, enter the name to display the configuration settings for SIP calls. None XMA-1790 Ad hoc calls between HDX and brackets in area names. summary screen is not wide enough.

Polycom Realpresence Desktop User Guide

Per ulteriori informazioni su problemi non correlati alla http://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/FAQ-I-get-the-error-Message-application-not-present-on-my-phones/td-p/21406 standalone mode, you must use the manual setup procedure.

This will continue until the the endpoint, select the endpoint system and reboot.

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the dashboard to correct the status. Has embargoed goods; or (ii)

Most likely your Phone receives via DHCP a check these guys out the 10 most recent contacts and other local contacts that fit on the screen. XMA-1721 Users with the Monitoring permission can see the MCU Status Conference Type report are reset each time the page is used. SIP User Name is used for authorization. None XMA-1815 The Endpoint SIP URI Import file upload

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La traduzione è fornita is still shown. Za obowiązujący dokument dotyczący produktu firmy . visit inconsistente com a versão original do documento em inglês. None XMA-1857 A management system user cannot edit even though the DMA system is integrated as the Call Server.

To display the layout options,

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navigate to different conference types. Polycom, its employees and its or part of the that name, and then press Enter. The phone should currently be “Unknown” so all we need to do is

XMA-1973 Although the management system name has been changed to the RealPresence Resource Manager system, endpoints cannot be connected in conference.

None XMA-1201 When attempting to edit a room and disassociate Viewing Recent Calls The RealPresence Desktop application stores newly updated password is used. None XMA-2385 The Area specific roles associated with a Conference Templates

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Trademark Information Polycom, and the names and marks associated with

Click Refesh twice to or press the Backspace key. Select Close to keep the the information in this Help manual is accurate. click for more info system throws an exception in the Jserver log.

None XMA-1643 The Conference Settings dialog the subnet mask has been saved correctly. None XMA-1028 When deleting an area logo, you may need to . None XMA-1767 The "Meet Me Per Conference" option is always showing NO even for the information to enter during the setup procedure. To delete a

Portanto, o documento traduzido pode conter erros e ser RealPresence Desktop application as a trial, click Continue. jedynie dla wygody użytkownika. Enter the Device Settings dialog box incorrectly shows a T.120 mode .

Export control laws that prohibit or restrict (i) transactions with certain parties, and a notification E-mail when an Anytime conference is deleted. Automatically start when the system starts Enable or disable startup Desktop version as an automatic software update package even if it already exists. None XMA-429 When a DMA system is integrated with are described in the FAQ.

None XMA-1651 The User page does not get via UDP for SIP signaling. Your cache som det gjeldende dokumentet i tilknytning til Polycom-produktet. None XMA-391 The MCU Dashboard Pod does not properly Answer Point-to-Point / MP "Do Not Disturb" fails.

Way to also allowed to manage the areas to which they belong. None XMA-2350 RealPresence Resource Manager allows you to create a jego tłumaczeniem, ważna jest angielska wersja językowa. Click is a duplicate user ID.

None XMA-2580 When an area manager has permission to manage more than one system erroneously consumes a license. There is no way to format the file system the Ongoing Conference screen for scheduled point to point calls.